Monday, March 10, 2014

Cincinnati with the Seniors (Senior Couples, that is)

Last Thursday took us to Cincinnati for a senior missionary outing and fireside. We first traveled to the Cincinnati library where we were able to hold and examine a First Edition Book of Mormon. Who knows where they got it from, but they DO consider it a rare book and are taking the proper precautions to keep it safe and protected. Then it was back to the Mission Home where we enjoyed a delicious dinner and inspiring fireside. We spent the night at a member's home before returning to Angola.

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  1. A rare gem indeed to see a first edition Book of Mormon. It looks like it has been rebound, did they say what year that occurred? The reason why I ask is because the red square that has "the Book of Mormon" in it looks very well preserved. I googled images of the first edition and most of them don't have the red square. A later printing, I think the 1840 edition, did have a red square.

    Anyway, that aside, I would have loved to see this. A recent Deseret News article recently ran an article about a first edition (Grandin printing) Book of Mormon that was appraised in an antique roadshow for $100,000. You can read for yourself here:

    So, indeed, this is truly a valuable good that they should keep in good condition!