Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hayley & Emma

Our granddaughters Hayley and Emma were able to fly up from Texas and spend a few days of their spring break with Grandma and Grandpa in chilly Indiana. We sure enjoyed their visit! We visited the Amish in Shipshewana, the Mormons in Angola, the temple in Columbus, and the missionaries here, there, and everywhere. We will forever hold these memories in our hearts as a highlight of our mission. We love you girls!!!!

We miss you already!


  1. Who wouldn't want to go someplace chilly for their spring break?! :) Looks like it was fun!! Such fun memories for all I'm sure!! We can't wait for our turn to visit!

  2. Oh!! They are even sporting Indiana hoodies!! I love it! I bet they had to shed them as soon as they landed in Texas ;)

  3. Finally, it's letting me comment! All my others must be off somewhere in cyberspace.

    Hayley had a wonderful time and made memories she will treasure forever. Thanks for welcoming them, teaching them, and loving them. What wonderful grandparents you are!