Monday, December 30, 2013

The Stumps of Steuben County


As we have traveled around the county we have been impressed by the creativity of the citizens. They have created works of art out of their tree stumps. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of these creations and, if you happen to have an old stump in your yard and a chainsaw, you, too, might want to give this art form a try!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two More Baptisms!!

Kendallville Branch got two new members this weekend. Lori was baptized Friday and Joe on Saturday. Congratulations to Sister Fox and Sister Rolfe. No, it's not our branch, but it IS our district. 

On the way home we made a hospital visit in Auburn and just happened upon McClellan Street. What do ya know! Wonder what famous McClellan lived in this part of Indiana?!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in Angola

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. A missionary Christmas is a lot different in that you spend very little time in your own home. The members have fed us every night this week, given us yummy goodies, and included us in their celebrations. The Elders have warmed our hearts with their darling personalities. Yes, we really miss our family back home, but this is the next best thing!
First things first - Can't wait to get to those presents! They're not ALL for us. The Elders brought theirs over so we could open them together. 
 After presents, we enjoyed some morning fun with the fabulous Kendallville District - Elder Phillips, Sister Rolfe, Sister Fox, Elder Allred, Elder Chambers, and Elder McFarland.
We couldn't wait to get our family pictures up. Thanks, dear children. We love them. We now feel even more at home here in Angola! (It looks like Elder Mac has had a long day!)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Cheer - Here and There

 One of our major goals for these days before Christmas has been to visit and give a treat and a Christmas message to all the members of our Branch. It's been fun visiting with both the actives and less actives. They are all so friendly and welcoming! Again, what would we do without our Elders showing us where some of these obscure places are. I am really glad we have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Ha. 

We enjoyed another wonderful Zone Conference and Christmas Celebration on Thursday. This time we actually had the three northern Zones together - Fort Wayne, Muncie, and Huntington.
 Afterwards, the Elders were still hungry (can you believe it!?) so we took our District to Steak & Shake for shakes.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Two Meetings and a Party

On Thursday we were visited by Elder and Sister Walker who gave us further training in our role as senior missionaries. Besides enjoying our time with someone from home, we now better understand what it is we should be doing. That has got to be a benefit, right?

 Our Next opportunity to learn took us to Muncie for a Multi-Zone Conference. Elder Perkins of the Seventy was conducting a tour of the mission. The instruction given by Elder and Sister Perkins and President and Sister Porter was very valuable. 

Our party was the Branch Christmas Party. Again, the meal was delicious and abundant. Our sisters really know how to cook! We played games (Minute to Win It) and even had a visit from Santa. The woman pictured is our Relief Society President, Jackie Martin. The gentleman is our Branch President, Tom Robison. We had about 50 attend and, to our joy, several were the less actives we and the Elders have been working with. It truly brought joy to our hearts to see them there and being so well embraced by the Branch members.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Around Town in Angola

 You may be wondering if Angola has a real church building. Well, yes we do. This is our little Angola Branch. It even has a chapel and everything!!
You might be wondering if Angola has a library. Well, yes it does. In fact, the new library was built around the old one. Now, that's a unique concept! Here is Elder McClellan outside the old library looking down on the new section.
You could be wondering if the Elders have a cute apartment. Well, hmmm, that would be a matter of opinion. Let's just say I'm glad we don't live there. Haha. Anyway, here they are just after 'Inspection' standing in front of the infamous "Wall of Mirrors". 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Busy, Busy Weekend

Sisters Brianna and Casey Robison were baptized by their grandpa, President Robison, on Saturday. Here they are with Elder Allred, Grandma, and Elder Phillips.

The Fairview Missionary Church in Angloa presents Bethlehem the Day after Christ was Born so we were able to "walk the streets of Bethlehem" with the elders and everyone else in town. It was very well done. Their church has been doing this for 24 years.

Our little Christmas tree. (It's bigger in person - haha)

Sunday dinner with the Elders

We were able to attend most of the Messiah concert at St. Anthony's Catholic Church before going over the the Mudrack's home to watch the Christmas Devotional.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

Zone Meeting

Today we attended our first Zone Meeting in Fort Wayne. What a great experience. We were taught well by our Zone Leaders. We were very impressed with the maturity and dedication of these young Elders and Sisters.

One of the sisters in our zone is Sister Widdison. Her aunt and Grandma live in Morgan and have been our friends for years. They should be very proud of her. She is doing a great job!
Another fun surprise - one of our Zone Leaders is Elder Giles from Peterson. I was his 3rd grade teacher and today HE was teaching me! How cool is that!?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

"The Home Show"

Many of you have been wondering what our little home-away-from-home looks like.The following pictures will give you an idea. We live in a small duplex at 306 Mechanic Street in Angola, Indiana 46703. It is quite cozy and we are beginning to feel very comfortable in it. The rooms should explain themselves!!! Ha Ha