Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Points to Ponder & Perfect Polly

We always love getting together for District Meeting. Today we were joined by our Zone Leaders, Elders Martin and Smith. We had a wonderful meeting conducted by Elder Allred, followed by a lasagna lunch, and Elder Chamber's rendition of that dear old Scout song favorite, 'Father Abraham.' May I say how uplifting THAT was. It brought tears to our eyes!!! Thanks to Sister Rolfe and Sister Wight for the delicious cheesecake.
 Elder Allred preparing our 'food for thought.'
 His points were well taken by the district. We were a very attentive group!!
 Elder Stringham, Sister Rolfe, Sister Wight, Elder Allred, Elder McClellan, Elder McFarland, Elder Chambers, Elder Martin, and Elder Smith ready to chow down.

It's official...thanks to Elder Allred, the Angola missionaries now have their very own pets. As the box says, Perfect Polly is the world's perfect pet - details so realistic, only you will know it's not real! She even makes charming parakeet sounds. And she never needs feeding! Of course we love our Polly so much and find her very easy to care for. She makes us happy :)


  1. You mean to tell me that Polly isn't real!? ;)

  2. I bet it makes you miss your nest of birds back home, right?

  3. Also, we always had district meeting on hard chairs at the church. Now the missionaries get to sit on cushy chairs and eat a good meal afterwords. Word is they don't even go out tracting much these days!

    Back in my day, we sat on hard chairs, ate a piece of bread for lunch, and then set out for a solid 9 hours of tracting.

    We also walked up hill both ways in snow...

  4. I'm with David - We were lucky if we had keys to the church building so we didn't have to break in to have district meeting so we could sit on our hard chairs. Missionaries these days are soft!