Saturday, January 4, 2014

Moments With Our Missionaries

Transfers are coming this week and we may be losing some of the missionaries in our Kendallville District so I wanted to post these pictures before the inevitable happens. I know - we can't keep them forever. They're pretty special though!

A few weeks ago I showed you where the senior missionaries (us) lived. Today I will show you where the young ones call home. Sister Rolfe and Sister Fox live in downtown Kendallville up those million steps in a cozy, tiny apartment. Elder Chambers and Elder McFarland live on some random street in Auburn in a more spacious place. (ha)
Elder Phillips and Elder Allred live right in downtown Angola on the round-about, above the Jitterbug. They must climb a billion stairs to get to their home! (And what a home it is!!!)

 Our Branch visits take us right up to the Michigan state line. Elder Phillips and I were very careful NOT to step foot outside our mission boundaries.

 Six of the Ohio Cincinnati Mission's finest! Toasting the New Year at their chili lunch after our District Meeting this week.

We always look forward to our P-Day Monday with the Elders. Between doing the laundry and shopping for groceries, we love to check out the many fine eateries in the area. Last Monday we went to the Trine University campus and ate at the Depot. We couldn't resist reenacting the famous map photo-op from the MTC. This time, however, we used a map of Indiana. (We are supposed to pointing to Angola!) 


  1. Those missionaries are lucky to have a mom and dad away from home!

    I like the apartment at the top of the long steps the best, it seems like a fun place to live. That sign at the Michigan border is pretty funny, but I'm glad they are keeping a watch on the methamphetamine-- It's a nasty drug.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I agree, those are some lucky Elders! However, not so lucky on the temperature! Wouldn't trade you for that at all! Though the freezing water mid-air is pretty cool.

    And I do like Dave's commentary (I usually do!!)
    Thanks for even more details on your life as missionaries! :)