Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Wonderland in Outer Angolia

Saturday took us to Shipshewana, an Amish community 30 miles west of Angola, with Branch member Tammie. We ran some errands, shopped, and enjoyed what seems to be a local favorite - homemade chicken noodles over mashed potatoes. I must say that it was really quite tasty even though it was screaming carb overload.

So, what do four missionaries do when the 'big storm' hits and there is twelve inches of snow that is blowing around at thirty mph and a wind chill factor of -45 degrees and you're forbidden to leave your house without having your car impounded and charged $100 to get it out?! Well, you bring the Elders over to your house so they can keep warm and safe and you spend 61 hours together shoveling, checking to make sure it is really as cold as they say it is, eating, and, of course, doing real missionary stuff like studying, reading, planning and calling the members to make sure they are all OK.

The bacon hot chocolate was not that good:(

Yes, Elder Phillips, it really WAS that cold!!!!!!

Shoveling out a member's driveway (after the driving ban was lifted).
I think our favorite diversion was 'making snow'. You take some super hot water outside and throw it up in the air and - wow - instant snow. Of course, the temperature must be waaaaaaay below zero. This kept the Elders busy for a lonnnnnng time:)

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  1. Look! I beat Dave to commenting! :) But only because I'm on a roll today! However, because of that, I think the comment I made on your previous post was mixed in with what I was going to say here.
    The Noodles over mashed potatoes are what my Dave's family always does too! And it IS delicious!
    Hope you're thawing! That looks too frigid for my liking! As does the bacon hot chocolate?!?!? That just doesn't look to my liking :)