Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Cheer - Here and There

 One of our major goals for these days before Christmas has been to visit and give a treat and a Christmas message to all the members of our Branch. It's been fun visiting with both the actives and less actives. They are all so friendly and welcoming! Again, what would we do without our Elders showing us where some of these obscure places are. I am really glad we have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Ha. 

We enjoyed another wonderful Zone Conference and Christmas Celebration on Thursday. This time we actually had the three northern Zones together - Fort Wayne, Muncie, and Huntington.
 Afterwards, the Elders were still hungry (can you believe it!?) so we took our District to Steak & Shake for shakes.

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  1. They went all out decorating for the multi-zone conference; that looks like it was a fun time!