Monday, December 30, 2013

The Stumps of Steuben County


As we have traveled around the county we have been impressed by the creativity of the citizens. They have created works of art out of their tree stumps. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of these creations and, if you happen to have an old stump in your yard and a chainsaw, you, too, might want to give this art form a try!!


  1. My favorite stump is the cardinal. That is one good looking bird.

  2. I like the Eagle and the Indian. Sort of symbolic of the Book of Mormon prophesy of what would happen to a people who, once enlightened with Gospel truths, turned away from those truths... Eagles on top 1 to nothing... but, the game's not over yet!

  3. wow! That is impressive! They couldn't give me a stump and a step-by-step pattern for me to even create something that people wouldn't guess was just a stump! I like the red cardinal as well! But mostly because it's so bold and impressive! :)