Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Greetings from our mission!

After a tender farewell to the Utah kids and a wonderful visit with the Texas kids, we finally actually DID make it to our mission! Elder and Sister Nelson met us at the Mission Home. President Porter and his family arrived later. After a tour of the mission office and the surrounding area and a delicious turkey soup supper with the Porters and Nelsons, we headed up north to what is affectionately called "Outer Angolia" because it the furthest spot from Cincinnati.

This is what we saw when we drove into Angola, Indiana Saturday night. We fell in love with it immediately. This is a picture of the round-about in the middle of town. Angloa is nestled in the northeastern corner of Indiana, just south of the Michigan border. It has more than 100 lakes with lots of woods and rolling hills. There are around 8,610 people in town with several villages surrounding it. 
We are sooooo lucky to be working with Elder Allred and Elder Phillips - clearly two of the best elders in the mission!! Here they are doing service in the public library in town. 


  1. Yay!! Looks like the perfect place for you guys! :) Miss you lots!! Can't wait to see pics of your place! Love you!

  2. Great Post! I'm excited to see more.