Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Random Shots Of Our Favorite Ohio Cincinnati Missionaries (in Indiana!)

They bring smiles to our faces and keep us young.They know who they are and where they are going. 
Wish the whole world was filled with these kind of people!!! 

The Elders said that their tummies were rumblin' so....Steak 'n Shake here we come.

Will this winter ever end?!??


  1. I bet the eskimo that Elder McClellan stole those mittens off of is pretty angry right now!

    You all have gotten a lot of snow! Here in the valley of the SLC, we get a few inches every week or so. Just enough to push out the inverted air. I have to admit that I haven't shoveled my fair share of snow this winter.

    Looks like the sisters and elders are haven't a great time out there. Keep up the good work and the blog!

  2. Bet Don can out shovel any of them.