Thursday, February 13, 2014

Teachings, Meetings, Eatings, and Outings

When we're not out teaching, it seems that our days are filled with meetings, generally followed by lunch at some "exciting place". Our meetings are generally held in Fort Wayne - about 40 miles from Angola. That's Angola, Indiana. (It's 7,396 miles from the Angola in Africa!!) Anyway, last week took us to a Zone Meeting followed by some "good eats". My least favorite part of the meeting is the role playing. The young-ins seem to love it, however, and they do it very well. 

Congratulations to Laura, Kendallville's most recent convert. And welcome back Sister Fox.

Our P-day field trip took us back to Fort Wayne and Costco. Our little District had a great time reliving pre-mission days roaming the aisles and tasting the samples.

 After our personal interviews with President and Sister Porter yesterday, we once again took advantage of one of the many restaurants in Fort Wayne. I know it seems that all we ever do is eat, but we really DO do mission stuff. We just happen to have a really great little district and we enjoy our time together AND we spend a lot of bonding time in the cars on these many trips to Fort Wayne and beyond so we are getting to know each other VERY well! The sisters ride with us and the elders fill up the other car off we go.


  1. I always get hungry after I read your posts ;) What a fun district you have! They even pull off those mustaches well.....

  2. You all are a hoot and a holler, I tell ya. If I get to go to 1% of the eating establishments that you all do when I visit, I will be set for life!

    I agree with you on your opinion about role playing. It wasn't my favorite thing either because how do you role play an investigator whose concerns you haven't discovered yet? We had a teacher in the MTC that would role play as the investigator and would ask us very "evangelical"esque questions. As greener than a shamrock is green missionaries, it was a daunting task.

    Keep up the good work and God bless.